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The recent liberalization of the telecom sector has opened up a lot of pent-up potential not only in the telecom sector but also in the capacity of a competitive telecom sector to revitalize other sectors, most notably the financial sector. Since the liberalization of the telecom sector in 2019, a lot has happened in the sector: regulator of the sector, the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA), has been established; the Authority has issued a number of important directives; one private operator has formally joined the market with at least one more operator license expected in the short term and partial privatization of the state owned operator waiting in the pipeline.

Our lawyers have experience assisting clients in connection with tenders floated for telecom operator licenses. Moreover, our lawyers regularly advise on various Ethiopian telecom law issues

Our services include:

  • Assist clients in connection with the entry requirements for the telecom sector and the processing of submission of RFP for telecom licenses or joint venture with state-owned telecom company (anytime that becomes available);
  • Provide general legal jurisdictional advice on laws directly impacting aspirant telecom companies or companies working in the telecom sector;
  • Advising and assisting clients on procurement of telecom licenses, their modification, renewal, suspension and revocation;
  • Advising telecom operators on sharing of network infrastructures and access service agreements;
  • Advising telecom operators on telecom tariff rules, competition laws, including on the impact of telecom M & A on competition;
  • Advising telecom operators in connection with telecom consumer protection laws, including assisting clients on responding to consumer complaints and dispute settlement issues;
  • Advising clients on information security and data privacy and protection laws;
  • Advising clients on electronic payments systems and electronic commerce laws of Ethiopia;
  • Advising and assisting clients in all corporate compliance issues for the telecom sector leveraging our deep experience in investment, corporate, Finance, M & A, tax, employment and intellectual property matters.