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With a growing number of mergers and acquisitions that directly and indirectly involve Ethiopian companies, there is a need to understand and comply with Ethiopian Competition Regulations and in some cases submit to the jurisdiction of the COMESA Competition Commission. The application of these laws is sometimes complex and it requires a tactful approach to operate as efficiently as possible within the legal limits.

Our team has extensive experience advising on the national and regional competition regulations in place including advising on merger notification requirements, advising and preparing necessary documentation, and making necessary submissions to the national and regional regulators. Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of competition law and our extensive experience in submitting a number of merger fillings. We also assist our clients in representing them before the competition authority to resolve regulatory issues and successfully defending competition related law suits.

Our services include:

  • Providing legal advice and formal opinions on merger filing obligations of clients on their contemplated transactions;
  • Filling out applicable forms and preparing necessary documentations to assist clients submit their merger notifications to the Ethiopian Competition Authority or the COMESA Competition Commission;
  • Following-up assessment of a notified merger by the competition authorities to provide any missing or requested information until receipt of a merger clearance;
  • Representing clients before the competition authorities to defend adverse regulatory decisions and defend competition related lawsuits all the way from the competition tribunals to the highest appellate Courts.