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With the increasing liberalization of foreign direct investment regulations in Ethiopia, there are greater opportunities for foreign investors to invest in wide range of businesses from agriculture to the telecom sector, in brown or green-field investments, either alone or in joint venture with local entrepreneurs. Our lawyers help clients through the administrative and regulatory procedures of investing in Ethiopia, from entry to exit, by ensuring full protection for their FDI as well as their intellectual property rights. We help clients optimize their investments in Ethiopia by taking advantage of all the fiscal and non-fiscal incentives made available to foreign investors under Ethiopian laws.

Our services include:

  • Conducting jurisdictional due diligence on Ethiopian investment and other applicable laws;
  • Advising on FDI privileges and restrictions;
  • Registering foreign investment entities, branches of foreign companies, project (contract) offices, representative offices, etc.;
  • Registering foreign investment capital as wells as foreign loans and supplier credits, intellectual property rights, technology transfer agreements and collaboration agreements with domestic investors.
  • Advising on and processing duty-free privileges and tax incentives appropriate to each FDI;
  • Advisory and representation services in relation to bilateral investment treaties; providing post-registration legal services to investors and foreigners doing business in Ethiopia.