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Ethiopia is one of the few African countries with a vibrant air transport industry. The industry, consisting of the state owned Ethiopian Airlines Group, private operators and the associated supply chain, is a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the area of aviation law and aircraft financing. We advise leasing companies, banks and other lenders involved in aircraft financing. Our lawyers author the Ethiopian Chapters on Aircraft Financing, Registration, Security and Enforcement as well as Aircraft Liens on Thomson Reuters (Sweet and Maxwell) publishers.

Our services include:

  • Advising clients in connection with aircraft/engine/parts acquisition, sale, lease, Sale and Lease Back (SLB) and JOLCO transactions;
  • Assist clients with local filings and registrations in the context of aircraft/engine related transactions;
  • Conducting general jurisdictional due diligence reports for leasing companies and financiers;
  • Conducting due diligence investigation on aircraft/engine lessees;
  • Processing landing permits;
  • Advise clients on Ethiopian aviation law matters.
  • Representing clients in aircraft liability cases;