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The media, sports and entertainment sector has been rapidly growing in Ethiopia over the past few years. Our lawyers have hands-on experience assisting clients in this sector ranging from setting up sports betting businesses and affiliated services to advising entertainers on their various contractual relationships involving intellectual property and contractual negotiations. We have also assisted well-known global news outlets and broadcasters and helped them navigate the Ethiopian media regulatory environment.

Our services in media, sports and entertainment sector include:

  • Incorporating sports betting businesses and securing betting permits for clients;
  • Developing and negotiating technical service agreements for betting technology providers;
  • Advising clients on the legal and institutional frameworks of the Ethiopian lottery and sports-betting sector;
  • Advising foreign news and broadcasting media on the requirements for obtaining license in Ethiopia;
  • Assisting foreign broadcasters operating in Ethiopia on various matters (from visa and residence permit to employment law and customs regulations);
  • Assisting clients in all corporate compliance issues for the media, sports and entertainment sector leveraging our deep experience in investment, corporate, Finance, M & A, tax, employment and intellectual property matters.