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Ethiopia is endowed with natural resources such as minerals and gas. The Country also has plenteous renewable energy.

Mining is one of the five priority sectors identified by the Ethiopian Government as the country has extensive mineral deposits including gold, gemstones, and industrial minerals. Investors can significantly benefit from investing in this untapped mining sector of Ethiopia.

Our lawyers have extensive experience advising investors on entry into the Ethiopian mining market, processing numerous exploration and mining licenses, and advising on the intricate mining regulations of Ethiopia. Our lawyers have also advised and processed a number of licenses for both new and existing mining companies. We leverage our expertise in investment, mergers and acquisitions, tax, employment, and other matters to provide a full suite of services to our mining clients.

Our services in the mining sector include:

  • Advise on the process of incorporating a new mining, geothermal or biofuel companies as well as their contractors or sub-contractors in Ethiopia.
  • Draft the necessary documents needed for the incorporation of new companies or registration of contractors or sub-contractors in Ethiopia;
  • Issuing legal opinion and conducting jurisdictional due diligence on the Ethiopian mining, geothermal and biofuel laws;
  • Conducting limited legal due diligence in companies where an investor is looking to enter into a JV with an existing company;
  • Conduct limited legal due diligence on licenses held by local companies where the transactions involve the transfer of title;
  • Draft and negotiate the necessary transactional documents like Memoranda of Understanding or Letters of Intent, Term Sheets, share purchase agreements, shareholders agreement and bylaws.
  • Draft and negotiate license transfer agreements;
  • Advise and process the transfer of mining licenses before the Ministry of Mines;
  • Advise on the documentary requirements for the application of various types of mining licenses and follow up with the regulators to obtain the same; and
  • Providing post-transaction care to our clients on all matters legal and regulatory.

In the renewable energy sector, Ethiopia has developed a number of projects with a view to meeting the ever increasing domestic demand and to increasing energy export to neighboring countries.

Moreover, the Government has put in place a PPP legal framework that enables the participation of the private sector in power generation.

Our lawyers have been involved in the major clean energy projects currently undertaken in a PPP format. We have first-hand experience advising developers and financiers and have

Our services in the energy sector include:

  • Advise on all types of legal matters relevant for actors in the energy sector based on Ethiopian laws;
  • Advise on documentary requirements for securing various types of licenses;
  • Assisting IPPs in connection with tenders floated for energy PPPs;
  • Producing due diligence report for IPPs and financiers;
  • Reviewing project documents and drafting/reviewing different kinds of contracts pertinent to PPP projects;
  • Advising on the financing aspect of PPP transactions based on relevant laws and National Bank of Ethiopia directives;