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As the best legal minds in Ethiopian corporate and commercial laws, our lawyers are second to none in helping clients navigate the M & A regulatory environment of Ethiopia.  We  help clients in optimizing the form of M & A transactions and deals, conducting legal due diligence, negotiating the buy and sell agreements, reorganizing and restructuring the participant entities and facilitating the smooth transition in the post M & A transaction period. We work with parties in devising strategies for effective communication and negotiations to achieve desirable outcomes. Our M & A lawyers  have proven that they can communicate seamlessly with both local and foreign advisors in cross-border transactions and break cultural, linguistic and epistemic barriers that hinder negotiations and deals over joint venture transactions.

Our services include:

  • Conducting full-scope, red flag or selective-focus legal due diligence either from the buy or sell side;
  • Drafting and negotiating the preliminary transactional documents including term sheets, LOIs, and NDAs;
  • Reorganizing the form and structure of existing entities to the needs of the transaction;
  • Drafting and negotiating share purchase and shareholder agreements and concluding the agreements on behalf of clients;
  • Following up completion of all closing conditions of transactional documents, including executing all compliance actions for protecting investment and intellectual property rights of new investors;
  • Working with JV partners towards a smooth transition to a new partnership business culture, including, where required, conducting training towards successful transition through customized integration;
  • Providing post-transaction care to our clients on all matters legal and regulatory.