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Our lawyers possess the most relevant experience in advising and representing corporate clients in M & A transactions, equity and debt financing, corporate governance, corporate restructuring and regulatory compliance. Our Corporate practice group has a well-honed knowledge and experience in assisting clients in all aspects of commercial law and corporate governance, including in optimizing the entity forms, conversions of business entities and ensuring that groups and affiliated companies are fully compliant with commercial laws of Ethiopia.

Our services include assisting clients on:

  • Regulatory issues relating to equity and debt financing;
  • The form of optimal business entity taking into account commercial and tax laws of Ethiopia and other objective considerations;
  • Corporate governance matters, such as advice on board of directors and supervisory boards;
  • Capital market regulations and directives;
  • Capital structures of companies, including structuring of premium capital accounts;
  • The structures of shares and dividend distribution policies;
  • Conversions of entity forms, including conversions of private limited companies into one-person companies;
  • Regulations concerning groups of companies, parent-subsidiary relationships, and holding companies;
  • Corporate reorganizations including mergers, acquisitions, splits and spinoffs;
  • Regulations concerning branches of foreign business organizations, including the setting-up of foreign representative offices;