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TBeST law gives the highest priority to preventing disputes from happening by protecting clients through effective planning, conducting careful preliminary investigations and tactful legal drafting. But when disputes arise, our lawyers are experts at finding best negotiated solutions or guiding clients through effective mediations. Where arbitration and litigation is involved, our lawyers help clients in successfully navigating the complex arenas in each specialized area of the law.  We also represent our clients in litigation, particularly in the areas of tax, intellectual property and competition laws. In addition to our winning strategies of litigation in our core competence areas, our ‘Valuable Clients’ Care Program (VCCP)’ has a raft of off-counsel services which we make available to our clients to make good on our promises of going the extra-lengths to satisfy our clients. 

Our services include:

  • Identification of clients’ particular disputes and advising on the appropriate course of action including applicable dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Drafting effective notices to be delivered on behalf of clients;
  • Negotiating on behalf of clients and assisting on their mediations;
  • Writing up expert opinions on various areas of the law on clients’ international arbitration proceedings;
  • Representing clients on ad-hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings and court litigations on our core competence areas;
  • Facilitating off-counsel services on specialized arbitrations and litigations and following up the service provision to our clients.